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Construction and Sustainability Programs

Construction and Sustainability Programs


Overview of the Construction and Sustainability Programs at A-B Tech

Programs Offered

You can find an overview of our Construction Science programs here.

We offer the following programs in the area of Construction and Sustainability Technologies:

Construction Management Technologies A.A.S.

The Construction Management Technologies associate's program prepares students in architecture, construction, and construction management. It covers sustainable building and design, print reading, building codes, estimating, and construction materials and methods. The courses in construction management include site safety, personnel supervision, construction documentation, scheduling, cost control, bid strategies, rework prevention, construction insurance, accident management, applicable law and regulations, and communication skills.

Building Construction Science Diploma

The Building Construction Science Diploma program focuses on live projects and hands-on activities to teach students energy-efficient construction materials and methods associated with high-performance buildings. Students learn building techniques associated with ‘green building,' as well as energy auditing techniques and software.  

All of the courses can be transferred into the Construction Management Technologies A.A.S., and many can be transferred into the Sustainablity Technologies A.A.S. Some credits will transfer to four-year programs.

Basic Construction and Millwork Certificate

The Basic Construction and Millwork Certificate program teaches the basic skills for residential and light commercial carpentry and millwork.

Construction Management Technologies Certificate

The Construction Management Technologies Certificate program is designed for the skilled tradesman who is experienced in the construction industry and has the desire to advance to construction management.  

Sustainability Technologies A.A.S. 

The Sustainability Technologies associate's program focuses on renewable energy, green building technology, and environmental technologies. Graduates should qualify for positions as green building supervisors, renewable energy technicians, sustainability consultants, and environmental technicians.

Additional Information

Please note that course numbers with the CMT prefix are offered in the evenings only.

For additional questions, please contact B. Heath Moody at (828) 398-7349, or brandonhmoody@abtech.edu.

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