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SmarterMeasure FAQ

SmarterMeasure FAQ


A list of frequently asked questions about the SmarterMeasure assessment


What is SmarterMeasure?

SmarterMeasure is an assessment that measures readiness for online classes. SmarterMeasure consists of four components: individual attributes, life factors, technical competency, and technical knowledge.

You will receive a score in each of the four categories above. These scores will determine what your next steps are. SmarterMeasure is included within New Student Orientation.

Do I have to take SmarterMeasure?

The SmarterMeasure Assessment is required for all new curriculum students to A-B Tech, regardless of whether the student plans to take online courses at A-B Tech.

What do I need to know before taking SmarterMeasure?

Students are only permitted one attempt at the SmarterMeasure Assessment. Students who earn lower scores on SmarterMeasure will be required to take the prescribed interventions before they will be able to register for fully online classes (classes that occur 100% online, which will have an "O" in the course section title).

I am not sure whether I have completed SmarterMeasure successfully. How can I find that out?

Your Moodle account will show whether you have completed SmarterMeasure. After logging in to Moodle, click "My Courses" in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Click "New Student Orientation," and scroll down to Module #12. Click on "SmarterMeasure Online Readiness Assessment - Click to complete." If you have already completed SmarterMeasure, there will be a link under your name in the top-left corner that says, "Print/Download Report." This will create a PDF file with your SmarterMeasure scores.

If you have not already completed the SmarterMeasure assessment, you can do so now.

I have completed SmarterMeasure and have my scores. How do I find out what I need to do next?

You can view the scoring guide that will walk you through what your next steps are, depending on your SmarterMeasure scores.

What is CTS-060 Essential Computer Usage?

CTS-060 Essential Computer Usage is a basic computer course. Depending on your SmarterMeasure scores, you may need to complete CTS-060 before you are able to register for 100% online classes. It covers the basic functions and operations of the computer. Upon completion, students should be able to perform basic computer commands, access files, print documents and complete fundamental application operations.

Instructions for registering for CTS-060 are available on the InfoBase.

What is Fast Track to Online Learning?

Depending on your SmarterMeasure scores, you may need to complete the Fast Track to Online Learning workshop before you are able to register for 100% online classes. This is a three-hour workshop, which will help you to:

  • Identify the characteristics of a successful online learner
  • Identify the appropriate procedures for seeking online class assistance at A-B Tech
  • Identify the appropriate procedures for navigating a Moodle class

To register for Fast Track to Online Learning, please go to abtech.edu/onlinesuccess and click on the "Interventions" link. Then scroll down to the "Fast Track for Online Learning" and click on the link to self-enroll in the Moodle course. If you are taking CTS-060 Essential Computer Usage, Fast Track to Online Learning will be included in that course.

What is Moodle Online Orientation?

Moodle Online Orientation is a tutorial of Moodle itself. It is separate from New Student Orientation and is listed in a student's Moodle account as an individual course. All students who want to register for 100% online courses must complete Moodle Online Orientation prior to registration. The minimum passing course grade is 70.

After logging in to Moodle, click "My Courses" in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Select "Moodle Online Orientation."

If you are taking either CTS-060 Essential Computer Usage or Fast Track to Online Learning, Moodle Online Orientation will be included in that course.

I feel that my SmarterMeasure scores are lower than I expected and do not accurately reflect my computer skills. What should I do?

Information about criteria for possible waivers or retesting is available on our website at abtech.edu/onlinesuccess. Email onlinesuccess@abtech.edu if you have any additional questions.

I have already taken an introductory computer course. Do I still need to complete the interventions required for my SmarterMeasure scores?

If your SmarterMeasure scores placed you into CTS-060, you might be eligible for a CTS-060 waiver if you have successfully completed (with a grade of "C" or higher) a computer course similar to CTS-060 at A-B Tech or another college within the past five years, such as CIS-110, CIS-111, or CIS-113.

Whom should I contact if I have more SmarterMeasure questions?

Email onlinesuccess@abtech.edu. We will be happy to assist you!


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