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Grade Scales and Codes

Grade Scales and Codes


Overview of grade codes and the College's grading system

Final Grades

Final grades are issued at the end of the term based on the criteria outlined in the course syllabus. If you want to contest a grade, you must do so within three weeks after the grade is awarded. A grade cannot be changed after this period without approval by the department chair and the division dean.

Information about how repeating a course will impact your GPA and transcript can be found in our catalog.

A breakdown of the College's grading system can also be found in the Student Handbook.

Grading System

Most programs use the following grade-point scale:

Letter Grade Numerical Rage Performance
A 90–100

Excellent academic performance, consistent mastery of facts and concepts, and a thorough understanding of course content.

B 80–89

Good academic performance, high-level mastery of course content.

C 70–79

Average academic performance.

D 60–69

Marginal academic performance, poor mastery of course content.

F 0–59

Very poor performance, no demonstration of even minimal mastery of course content, or did not complete the minimum requirements for the course as outlined in the course syllabus.


Seven-Point Scale

Several Selective and Limited Allied Health programs use a seven-point grading scale.

Letter Grade Numerical Range
A 93–100
B 86–93
C 77–85
D 70–76
F 0–69


The table below lists all Selective Allied Health programs that use the seven-point grading scale.

Program Uses Seven-Point Scale
Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting Yes, in specific courses*
Medical Laboratory Technology Yes
Medical Sonography Yes
Radiography Yes
Veterinary Medical Technology Yes, in specific courses*

*Please refer to your course syllabus to determine if it uses a seven-point grading scale.

Other Grade Codes

Grade Code Meaning Description
I Incomplete

Assigned when you are unable to complete work or take a final examination because of illness or other reasons over which you have no control. An incomplete grade must be completed within the first six weeks of the next semester or by an alternative date approved by the Vice President of Instructional Services. Otherwise, the grade becomes an "F." The exact date could vary depending on a number of factors, such as term length. You should speak with your instructor for more information about this. If an instructor has related questions, they should speak with the department chair.

P Proficiency Proficiency demonstrated. Does not affect quality point ratio
R Retake

Proficiency not demonstrated.  Class must be retaken. Does not affect quality point ratio.

U Unofficial Withdrawal (penalty)

Applies to courses prior to fall 2017 only. Assigned when you do not follow the College's official withdrawal policy by the course withdrawal deadline, or when you are dropped for excessive absences. This is the equivalent of an "F" grade and will influence the quality point ratio.

W Official Withdrawal (no penalty)

Assigned when the student OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWS. This will not affect the quality point ratio. Official withdrawals are not allowed after the 75 percent point of a semester or term, as identified in the official College calendar, except for exceptional and documented emergencies. In such circumstances, you must withdraw from all courses. Approval for an emergency withdrawal must come from the Vice President of Student Services.

Y Audit

Assigned when a student audits a course. This is only assigned after the student has submitted a Request for Audit form to Records & Registration.


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