Auditing Courses

Auditing Courses


Guidelines for auditing courses at A-B Tech


Students who would like to take a curriculum academic class (normally for college credit) and do not want to receive credit for the class may have the option to audit the class instead. The procedures below do not apply to Continuing Education classes, which are classes that can never be used for college credit.

To audit a course, you must register through regular registration procedures and pay standard tuition and fees. Below are some important points to keep in mind about auditing a course:

Credit to Audit

If you would like to audit a curriculum academic class (normally for college credit), you must submit a Request for an Audit Grade form to the Records and Registration Office within the first 15 days of the term (for a full 16-week class.) The instructor must sign the form to approve the audit. The form can be emailed to

Audit to Credit

You may change from audit to credit status through the Records and Registration Office only during the first five days of the term.

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