Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)

Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)


Information about the Career Readiness Certificate offered by A-B Tech


The National Career Readiness Certificate (CRC), issued by ACT, is a portable, evidence-based credential that certifies essential skills needed for workplace success. The CRC verifies a person's proficiency in three skill areas: Applied Math, Reading for Information, and Locating Information. For job seekers, the CRC can be more meaningful to employers than a high school diploma or a resume citing experience in a different job setting.

Three tests are required for CRC Certification: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information. Depending on your scores, you will receive a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Career Readiness Certificate (CRC).  If you need to strengthen your skills, free training is available through the Career Ready 101 skills building tutorial. All testing will be at the Asheville Career Center.

Locations and Contact Information

Get more information on CRC test dates at these locations:

For more information on the CRC, go to You can also contact:
Leigh Bennett
Phone: (828) 398-7760
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