TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Test


Overview of TEAS test registration, preparation, locations, cost, and times 

Register for/Cancel TEAS

You can register for or cancel a TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) through the ATI Testing website, atitesting.com. From that page, click on "Register for TEAS" on the bottom-right side of the page. In order to take the TEAS, you'll first need to meet with an Academic Advisor in the Bailey Building and get a TEAS ticket.

Keep in mind that TEAS exams are only scheduled at A-B Tech during certain times of the year, so when searching for a TEAS testing location on atitesting.com, A-B Tech will only be listed when TEAS exams have been scheduled. 

If you lost your TEAS ticket, you can obtain another one from the Admissions Office in the Bailey Student Services Building.


The TEAS test costs $55. For payment information, visit atitesting.com.


Preparation booklets for the TEAS test are available in the A-B Tech Campus Bookstore. You can contact the Bookstore directly at (828) 398-7227. TEAS study guides are also available for purchase at atitesting.com. The Locke Library has several copies to borrow.

Location and Times

TEAS tests occur mostly in the Simpson Building at varying times throughout the term. Times and locations can be viewed on atitesting.com after selecting the state and city where you'd like to take the test. You should arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled test session and should leave extra time for parking. You should allow approximately four hours to complete the test.

Non-A-B Tech Students

The TEAS test seats are reserved for students applying to A-B Tech's Selective Allied Health Programs. Non-A-B Tech students who are not applying to one of these programs are not able to take the TEAS through A-B Tech.

What to Bring/What NOT to Bring

On the day of the test, you will need to bring:

You are not allowed to bring:

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