Add or Change an Academic Program

Add or Change an Academic Program


Overview of how to add or change an academic program

Choosing an Academic Program

You can view the list of academic programs offered at A-B Tech by going to

Career Coach is an online tool to help you explore your academic and career goals.

Career counseling is offered at no charge for students intending to take classes at A-B Tech. If you are under 18 years old, you are strongly encouraged to do a basic application to A-B Tech first, which you can do at For more information, see

How to Select or Change a Program

You may select your program of study while you are completing the general College application. If you are undecided about your program of study or wish to attend as a non-degree-seeking/visiting student, select the "Special Credit" program and you will not be placed in an academic program.

You may also select or change your academic program using the instructions on our website at the link below:

Change My Program

Financial Aid

If you're selecting a program for financial aid purposes, you should also email the Financial Aid Office at to let them know you have selected a program.


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