How to Receive Certificates

How to Receive Certificates


Overview of how to receive a certificate after completing a certificate program

Applying for a Certificate

The first step in receiving a certificate is to complete the "Program Completion Application" form. This can be obtained from the Bailey Student Services Building or from our website at, under " Apply for Graduation (Degree, Diploma, or Certificate)." After completing the form, please email it to using your student email account.

Receiving a Certificate

After we confirm that you've met all the necessary certificate requirements, a letter will be sent to you by mail. The letter will provide the details of the Dean's List and Certificate Ceremony, which we encourage you to attend.

If you don't attend the ceremony, you should receive an email when your certificate is available to be picked up at the Information Desk in the Bailey Building.

If you would like your Certificate mailed to you, please email


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