Computer-Related Programs

Computer-Related Programs


Overview of the many computer training programs offered through Curriculum and Continuing Education


We offer both Curriculum and Continuing Education computer training programs. Curriculum programs are for college credit and in the format of more traditional college degree programs. Continuing Education programs are not for college credit and are generally shorter in length.

Curriculum Programs

Our Computer Information Technology department offers many degree and certificate programs. The current list of available programs can be found at

A full list of our academic programs can be found at

Continuing Education Classes

To view a Continuing Education Catalog, visit and select "Continuing Education Schedule" on the left. You can view the most up-to-date class schedule and register online at

The non-credit Continuing Education classes include a Basic Computer Introduction, classes on Computer Career Skills and Computer Repair, and numerous classes about specific software. For more information on computer classes through Continuing Education, call (828) 398-7933.  

Online Continuing Education computer courses are available through Ed2Go. For more information, see and select either "Computer Applications" or "Technology".

Some of the courses offered include (but are not limited to):

If you have questions about these classes, contact Elisabeth Green Geyer at


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