Spanish Language Placement Testing

Spanish Language Placement Testing


Overview of the foreign language placement tests available for students seeking to place into a higher-level foreign language course

Spanish Only

A-B Tech offers foreign language placement testing in Spanish only. This is for students who are seeking to place into a Spanish course higher than SPA-111 (Elementary Spanish I).

Test-Taking Instructions and Test Results

To take the Spanish placement test, you will need to get a form from the Testing Center in the Simpson Building. On the form, you will include your email address and/or phone number. Test results will be given to the individuals who work in the Foreign Languages Department, and they will contact you by email or phone with the results. 

The Spanish placement test is a one-hour timed paper test.

Additional Questions

For any additional questions about Spanish placement test, contact April Birchfield at (828) 398-7360 or


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