How to determine and apply for North Carolina residency status

North Carolina Residency

Information about qualifying for North Carolina residency, to be eligible for the resident tuition rate, is available on our website. Go to and scroll down to Residency.

Residency Determination Service

Residency is no longer determined by our Admissions Office, and the Admissions Office does not have the ability to override or change a student's residency status. All new students and returning students who have not taken classes for two semesters (excluding summers) will need to complete the Residency Determination Service (RDS) to establish their residency status. The basic application to A-B Tech will direct students to complete RDS as a part of the application.

Where to Find Your RCN Number

Log into If you have an active RCN number, you will see "Your Residency Certification Number (RCN) is:" at the top.

View Residency Status

To find what residency status we have on file for you, please email our Admissions Office directly at Be sure to include your full legal name and date of birth.

Distance Learning and Residency

Due to Department of Education requirements for distance education, only students residing in certain states outside of North Carolina may enroll in A-B Tech online curriculum classes. For additional information, contact the Admissions Office.

Residency Questions

With any questions about residency, contact our Admissions Office at (828) 398-7886 or Be sure to include your full legal name and date of birth. You may also contact the RDS office directly at (844) 319-3640 or
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