Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging Station


An overview of the electric vehicle charging station located on A-B Tech's Asheville Campus


A-B Tech has an electric vehicle charging station which allows public access. The station is in the parking lot nearest to the Meadow Road entrance to A-B Tech’s Asheville Campus. 

The B-17 parking lot has three electric vehicle charging units:


Users will need to have a ChargePoint account to access the Quick Charger, and a debit or credit card to activate the Level II chargers.

There is a nominal fee to use the chargers. The purpose of the fee is to recover the cost of electricity use (not to make money for the College). The fee is:

Charge Time Estimates

For Additional Information

Electric vehicle owners should consult the automobile manufacturer for further information.

If you experience operational trouble with any of the units, please refer the incident Lee Pack at (828) 398-7380 or contact Charge Point Directly at 1-888-758-4389 (24 hours customer service number). 


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