OSHA Training

OSHA Training


An overview of OSHA courses offered at A-B Tech

Osha 10-Hour Safety Awareness for Construction

This course is a basic overview of the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions on the job site and will provide the student with a basic understanding of OSHA regulations, enforcement, and compliance. Topics include discussions of the OSHA standards that relate to scaffolds and ladders, excavation and trenching, electrical safety, personal protection equipment, fire protection and prevention, health hazards, concrete and steel erection, material handling, tools and welding, heavy equipment, and cranes. The course curriculum and instructor are authorized by OSHA. Successful students will receive an official OSHA 10-hour course completion card.

Osha 10 General Industry Certification

An OSHA course on safety and health awareness level training for industry workers; with a particular focus on manufacturing. Course covers job site inspections, hazard identification, accident prevention, hazard control, walking and working surfaces, emergency action plans, hazard communication, fire prevention and protection, fall protection, electrical safety, personal protective equipment, material handling, machine guarding, and ergonomics, etc. Upon completion of the course, students will earn a OSHA 10 Hour General Safety and Health completion card.

More information and schedules can be found within the Continuing Education Schedule at abtech.edu/schedules#coned.

You can also find a list of OSHA-Authorized Online Training Providers at www.osha.gov/training/outreach/training-providers.


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