Cooperative Innovative High Schools, Early College, and Middle College

Cooperative Innovative High Schools: Early College and Middle College


Overview of the Cooperative Innovative High School, Early College, and Middle College programs

Cooperative Innovative High Schools

These are small schools that have partnered with A-B Tech. Two of these schools are in the Buncombe County School System, and one is in the Madison County School System. There are two early colleges, and one middle college.

Early Colleges

In an early college, students can earn a high school diploma and an associate's degree simultaneously. Students start in ninth grade and can complete the program in five years. A-B Tech has two Early College partners:

Buncombe County Middle College

Buncombe County Middle College (BCMC) provides juniors and seniors with a non-traditional setting for completing a high school diploma and earning college credits. It is located on the main A-B Tech campus in Asheville.

Middle College is located on the second floor of the Dogwood Building (#4 on our campus map).


Online registration is not currently available for early college and middle college students. If you're interested in registering for one of these schools, call the appropriate number below.

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