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  1. Attendance Policy Attendance Policy Summary:  Overview of College attendance policies  General Attendance Policy It is mandatory that the student attend at least once during the first 10 percent of the course. For online classes, a graded activi... Read More
  2. Grade Codes   Grade Codes     Summary: Overview of grade codes and the College's grading system     Final grades are issued at the end of the term based on the criteria outlined in the course syllabus. If you want to contest a ... Read More
  3. View Grades   View Grades     Summary: How to view grades in WebAdvisor     To view your grades, log in to your WebAdvisor account and select "Curriculum Students." Select "Grades" or "Grades by Term" under "Curriculum Academic Profile."... Read More
  4. How to Appeal a Grade   How to Appeal a Grade     Summary: The College's policy for grade appeals     You can read A-B Tech's Grade Appeal Policy on our website. Go to abtech.edu, click the search box in the upper-right corner of the pa... Read More
  5. Quality Points   Quality Points     Summary: How A-B Tech evaluates the quality points of grades     At the end of each semester, quality points are assigned in accordance with the following formula:   A 4 quality points ... Read More
  6. How to Print Multiple PowerPoint Slide Notes On a Single Page How to Print Multiple PowerPoint Slide Notes On a Single Page In PowerPoint, the only option to print slide notes will print 1 slide per page, with the notes (if any) printed below the slide. However, you can use Word to create handouts with multipl... Read More
  7. FAFSA Assistance by Appointment FAFSA Assistance by Appointment Summary: Help with filling out a FAFSA FAFSA Assistance by Appointment You can sign up for a one-on-one appointment for help with filling out your FAFSA. These are 15-30 minute appointments, and you can expect... Read More
  8. No Show (NS) Policy No Show (NS) Policy Summary: Overview of the No Show policy If you do not attend during the first 10 percent of a class, you will be dropped as a No Show. There will be no grade, the class will not appear on your transcri... Read More
  9. Transcript Codes   Transcript Codes     Summary: The meaning of the codes that appear on A-B Tech transcripts     The codes that may appear on our transcripts include:     AP      Advanced Placement course cred... Read More
  10. View Unofficial Transcript Online View Unofficial Transcript Online Summary: Step-by-step instructions for viewing an unofficial transcript online in WebAdvisor 1. To access WebAdvisor, go to www.abtech.edu, scroll over "Online Services" at the top of... Read More
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