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  1. How to Reply All & Forward using Student Email How to Reply All using Student Email Respond to everyone included in a group email. Log In to your Student Email Account Go to the email you would like to reply all to. Click the down arrow next to the Reply button Choose Reply to all The n... Read More
  2. Change Student Email Password How-To Change Your Student Email Password 1- Login to your student email and click the small triangle beside your email address. 2- A window will open; click on the word “Account”.   3- Select "Security” from the horiz... Read More
  3. How to Add a Signature to Student Email How to Add a Signature to Student Email Summary: How to add a personal email signature to a Student Email account 1. After logging in to your email account, click on the settings icon. 2. A small window will open. Click on “Settings.&rdquo... Read More
  4. Set Up Student Email on Apple Device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) Set Up Student Email on Apple Device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) Summary: How to pair an iPhone, iPod, or iPad with a Student Email account 1. On your Apple device, go to the "Settings" application. 2. In the "Settings" application... Read More
  5. Who Needs to Do New Student Orientation Who Needs to Do New Student Orientation Summary: Help with determining whether or not you need to complete a New Student Orientation session Any student who wants to take Curriculum (for college credit) classes at A-B Tech must take New Student Ori... Read More
  6. NC Student ID Number on Application NC Student ID Number on Application Summary: Information about the NC Student ID field on the A-B Tech general admissions application The general admissions application includes a field for a "NC Student ID" number. This field is optiona... Read More
  7. Defer Federal Student Loans Defer Federal Student Loans Summary: How to defer (delay repayment of) federal student loans Overview of Deferment Under certain circumstances, you can defer your federal student loan payments. During a deferment, you wouldn't need to make an... Read More
  8. Visiting Students Visiting Students Summary: Overview of how visiting students can register for classes at A-B Tech Overview You're considered a visiting student if you meet at least ONE of the following conditions: You already have an Associate's deg... Read More
  9. Student Health Insurance Student Health Insurance Summary:  Student health insurance offered through Community College Student Insurance  We do not directly offer health insurance for students. However, health insurance is offered through a coalition, Commun... Read More
  10. Former Student Registration Former Student Registration Summary: Registration procedures for former A-B Tech students Overview If you have not attended A-B Tech within the last three years, you'll need to fill out a new application in order to take Curriculum classes ag... Read More
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