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  1. Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) – Madison Site Seniors' Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) - Madison Site Summary: Overview of SHIIP Program, which provides Medicare information to seniors in Madison County The Seniors' Health Information Program (SHIIP) for Madison County is... Read More
  2. Madison Campus   Madison Campus     Summary: Overview of the A-B Tech Madison campus      Overview   The Madison Site is a full-service campus where you can apply to A-B Tech, take the placement test, receive advising for curricul... Read More
  3. How to Withdraw From a Class How to Withdraw From a Class Summary: Overview of the withdrawal process and how to withdraw Withdrawal Overview You can withdraw from a class after the drop period has passed, but before the "last day to withdraw." The deadli... Read More
  4. Drop a Class Drop a Class Summary: Instructions for how students can drop a class Overview of Dropping a Class You may drop a class through the first 10 percent point of the class before the end of the "Drop Period." If you drop a class, it won... Read More
  5. Drop, Add, and Withdraw   Drop, Add, and Withdraw     Summary: Overview of dropping, withdrawing from, and adding classes     Drop   You may drop a class through the first 10 percent point of the class, before the end of the "Drop Peri... Read More
  6. Work-Study   Work-Study     Summary: Overview of work-study and how to apply     Overview   Work-study is a program that allows you to have a job on campus (or in some instances off campus) to earn a portion of financial aid. Award... Read More
  7. Change of Name or Address   Change of Name or Address     Summary: How students can change their name and other personal information     Name Change To make a name change, you must submit a Change of Vital Data form to the Information Desk ... Read More
  8. Cancel a Placement Test   Cancel a Placement Test     Summary: How to cancel a placement test       When you scheduled the NC-DAP/Accuplacer placement test, a confirmation email was sent to you. To cancel or reschedule ... Read More
  9. Career Services (Counseling, Resume, Interviewing)   Career Services (Counseling, Resume, Interviewing)     Summary: Overview of the career counseling, resume writing, and interview preparation resources available for students and non-students     Overview   Career couns... Read More
  10. Register for a Placement Test   Register for a Placement Test     Summary: How to register for and cancel an NC-DAP/Accuplacer placement test      Register for or Cancel Placement Testing   You can register for NC-DAP/fo... Read More
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