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  1. Maximum Course Load Maximum Course Load Summary: Maximum number of credit hours a student is allowed to register for in one semester Because of the amount of effort that is expected to be put forth in college-level courses, students are limited to a maximum of 20 hou... Read More
  2. Repeating a Course Repeating a Course Summary: The College policies for repeating curriculum and Continuing Education courses; The College policy for repeating a curriculum course is available on our website. If you receive a low grade in a course and repeat th... Read More
  3. Course Descriptions Course Descriptions Summary: Where to find course descriptions for curriculum and continuing education classes Curriculum (For Credit) A comprehensive list of curriculum course descriptions can be found at www.abtech.edu/course-descriptions. ... Read More
  4. Course Section Codes/Identifiers in WebAdvisor Course Section Codes/Identifiers in WebAdvisor Summary: A list of the codes/identifiers used in WebAdvisor when viewing course schedules When viewing course schedules in WebAdvisor, the Section Name may include a series of codes or section identif... Read More
  5. Nurse Aid I (CNA) Refresher Course Nurse Aide I (CNA) Refresher Course Summary: Overview of the Nurse Aide I (CNA) Refresher course offered through continuing education  The Nurse Aide I (CNA) Refresher is a course within our Continuing Education division. It... Read More
  6. Course Prerequisites/Corequisites Course Prerequisites/Corequisites Summary: How to determine what prerequisites or corequisites are required for a course, and how to register Prerequisites are required courses that must be completed prior to taking a course. Corequisites are requ... Read More
  7. Developmental Courses and Financial Aid Developmental Courses and Financial Aid Summary: Financial aid available for developmental courses In most cases, developmental courses for math, reading, and English can be covered by financial aid. According to the Department of Education, eligi... Read More
  8. Auditing Courses Auditing Courses Summary: Guidelines for auditing courses at A-B Tech To audit a course, you must register through regular registration procedures and pay standard tuition and fees. Credit to Audit If you're taking a course for credit a... Read More
  9. Free Courses for Senior Citizens Free Courses for Senior Citizens Summary:  Information about free classes for senior citizens Effective July 1, 2017 senior citizens who are 65 or older are eligible to audit curriculum classes. Senior citizens are still responsible for any c... Read More
  10. Continuing Education Course Offerings   Continuing Education Course Offerings     Summary: Overview of Continuing Education divisions and course offerings     View and Register for Classes   You can view our Continuing Education Catalog by scrolli... Read More
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