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  1. Placement Testing (Overview)   Placement Testing (Overview)     Summary: An overview of placement testing requirements, waiving a placement test, placement test preparation, and re-testing       Placement Testing   The purpose of plac... Read More
  2. Placement Test Preparation   Placement Test Preparation     Summary:  Resources and study guide for NC-DAP/Accuplacer placement test preparation      It's important to prepare before taking the placement test. Preparation materials are a... Read More
  3. Who Needs to Complete Placement Who Needs to Complete Placement Summary: Help with determining whether or not you need to take a placement test Overview Placement helps A-B Tech assess your readiness to take college-level classes, and it helps us determine what level of English... Read More
  4. Request Placement Test Scores   Request Placement Test Scores     Summary: How to obtain placement test scores     To request copies of your placement test scores, you'll need to submit a Placement Score Request Form to the Testing Center in the lobby of... Read More
  5. International Placement Testing   International Placement Testing     Summary: Placement testing required for international students     Accuplacer All A-B Tech applicants are required to take the NC-DAP/Accuplacer for placement in English, readin... Read More
  6. Adult Basic Education Placement   Adult Basic Education Placement       Summary: The next steps after placing into Adult Basic Education      If you place into Adult Basic Education reading, you must complete that before you can enroll in college-... Read More
  7. Alternate Placement Tests Alternate Placement Tests Summary: Overview of the alternate placement tests that can be substituted for the NC-DAP (formerly Accuplacer) test The Placement Requirement Placement is required for most programs as well as for many individual c... Read More
  8. Send Placement Test Scores to A-B Tech Send Placement Test Scores to A-B Tech Summary: How to send placement test scores to A-B Tech  NC-DAP/Accuplacer Scores If you've taken an NC-DAP test within the last five years at another school, you can contact that... Read More
  9. Cancel a Placement Test   Cancel a Placement Test     Summary: How to cancel a placement test       When you scheduled the NC-DAP/Accuplacer placement test, a confirmation email was sent to you. To cancel or reschedule ... Read More
  10. Retake a Placement Test   Retake a Placement Test       Summary: When placement tests can be retaken     Students who have already taken the placement test and would like to take it again are allowed to re-take it once in a five-year perio... Read More
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