Buy Books With Financial Aid

Buy Books With Financial Aid


How and when to charge books in the Bookstore to financial aid 

When to Charge Books With Financial Aid

Approximately one week before full-term classes begins through the first two weeks of the term.

Please visit the A-B Tech Bookstore page for details on when you can make purchases with financial aid.

Your financial aid must be completely processed and awarded before you're able to charge your books in the Bookstore. If you have questions about this, contact our Financial Aid Office

Order Books Online With Financial Aid

You can order your books online and charge them to your financial aid account. Go to, add any required materials to your cart, and proceed to check out. When checking out, select “Pay with Student Account” as the “Payment Method” and enter your student ID number under "Student Information." Ordering online is only available for books and certain course materials, not for other supplies.

You can only order books online with financial aid on specific dates during the semester. These dates vary each semester, and the Bookstore will send an email notification before each semester with these dates.

Buy Books With Financial Aid On Campus

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we strongly encourage you to order your books online. If you wish to visit the Campus Bookstore in person, there is a limit on the number of customers allowed in the store at a time, and masks are required. Please bring your student ID card and it is also helpful to bring a printed copy of your class schedule.

Course Materials

You can use financial aid in the Bookstore to buy non-textbook course materials, such as notepads, calculators, etc. When ordering books online with financial aid, only textbooks can be ordered. 


Books for minimesters should be charged at the beginning of the term. If you register for a minimester course after the deadline to charge books with financial aid, there may be additional dates when you can charge your books. For more information about these potential dates, please contact the Campus Bookstore directly at (828) 398-7227.


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