Student Printing

Student Printing


Printing policy overview, how to add funds to a student account, locations


A-B Tech students will have the option of printing in color or black and white at locations on the A-B Tech campus.

Students are allocated $8 in free printing each semester. After the initial $8 has been used, additional funds can be added to a student account.

For step-by-step instructions, visit the Student Printing Tutorial and Instructions and How to Web Print tutorial. 

If you are printing slides, please see the Print Multiple PowerPoint Slide Notes On a Single Page article.

Adding Funds

Students can use debit/credit cards to add money to student print funds and track their own balances. 

1. Go to Papercut and log in using your A-B Tech username and password.

2. Click "Add Credit" from the menu on the left. Your current balance will be displayed.

3. Select the amount you wish to add from the dropdown menu, and click the "Add value" button.

4. The next screen will ask you "How would you like to pay?" and you can select a payment method.

If you experience any difficulties adding funds to your account, please email us at or call (828) 398-7900.

Printer Locations

Current hours of operation can be found at the following link: Student Printing.

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