New Student Orientation (NSO)

New Student Orientation (NSO)


How to schedule a New Student Orientation class

How to Sign Up for NSO

To sign up for a New Student Orientation (NSO) class, go to You'll need to enter your personal information, including your student ID number. After entering your information to sign up for the online NSO, you'll be taken to a webpage with information about your next steps.

Online NSO

The online NSO class is in your Trailhead account, which you can access at You should receive an email about how to access your student online accounts. After going to the Trailhead link above, click "log in" at the top right. Enter your A-B Tech student email address and password. On the Home screen, scroll down to see "Available Courses" and select "New Student Orientation". To take the class, read through each link on the NSO course page and complete the quiz and survey at the bottom of the page. 

Register for Classes after Completing NSO

After completing NSO, your student account will be updated by our Admissions Office to reflect that you've completed NSO. This process is not automatic, and it may take up to four hours to update your file.

To receive credit for orientation, you must complete the Feedback Survey and the Quiz (with a score of at least 80%).

After completing the online NSO in Trailhead, you'll be taken to a webpage that allows you to review your score and answers. This page will also show you whether or not you successfully completed the quiz or need to retake it.

NSO quiz score example

NSO Class on Madison Campus

A limited number of NSO sessions are offered on the A-B Tech Madison campus. To inquire about the next available session, call (828) 398-7700.


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