No Show (NS) Policy

No Show (NS) Policy


Overview of the No Show policy

No Show Explanation

If you do not attend during the first 10 percent of a class, you will be dropped as a No Show. There will be no grade, the class will not appear on your transcript, and your grade point average will not be affected. There will not be any refund for the class. If you're receiving financial aid, we recommend checking with the Financial Aid Office to see how having the class dropped might affect your financial aid eligibility for both the current semester and the future.

No Show Exception

To request to remain in a class after not participating during the first 10 percent of a class, students may submit a “No Show Exception Request” form. As is also stated on this form, these requests may only be approved in extenuating circumstances such as medical/legal issues, College error, etc. Simply not being aware of the College attendance policy or course start-date are not acceptable reasons for a No Show Exception.

Students may also email their request and supporting documentation to, from their student email account, in lieu of submitting this form.

Prior "NS" Grades

Before summer 2013, students received an "NS" grade if they did not attend in the first 10 percent of the class. If you received a "NS" grade in the past, the "NS" grade will remain on your transcript.


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