Registration Start-Date

Registration Start-Date


When registration opens for both returning and new Curriculum students


The days when students can begin registering are posted on our website. Fall and summer registration usually first opens in April, and spring registration usually opens in November. Current/returning students are able to register before new students. 

Current/Returning Students

Returning students can register early and are given a specific date and time they can begin registering, based on the number of credits they've taken at A-B Tech. This time is sometimes referred to as a "priority registration time." Students with the most credits at A-B Tech are able to register first. Your specific registration date/time can be viewed in WebAdvisor. After logging in, go to "Curriculum Students" and then "My Registration Time" on the right under the "Curriculum Registration" heading. Remember that the date and time listed in your WebAdvisor account only applies to you. Each student will have a different registation start-date and time.

Returning students who are enrolled in an academic program must consult their advisor every registration period and set up a course Plan before registering in Self-Service.

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New Students

New Students can begin to register for classes during "open registration," which is usually in July for fall semesters, November or December for spring semesters, and April for summer semesters. The precise dates are available at If new students attempt to register for a class before open registration begins, they will get an error message that says they have "no priority registration time."


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