Tutoring Services Overview

Tutoring Services Overview


An overview of the many tutoring services available to students taking curriculum (credit) classes at A-B Tech


A-B Tech offers a variety of free tutoring services to students taking curriculum (credit) classes. Most of the tutoring labs and offices provide tutoring services to students in a specific subject. If you are having difficulty with your coursework, we strongly recommend first contacting your instructor(s) to discuss strategies for your success.

Math, English, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering

The Tutoring Center is located in the Ferguson Building, which is across from Don C. Locke Library and adjacent to the Beech Tree Deck on the Asheville Campus. The Tutoring Center provides tutoring for students in math, English, chemistry, physics, and engineering. To see a schedule of Tutor Availability by Subject, visit abtech.edu/tc. Select "Hours and Contact Info" on the left. This will give you the hours when tutors are available in math (through calculus), chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, engineering, and statistics.

French and Spanish

Free tutoring in French and Spanish is available for current A-B Tech students in Elm 131A. Tutoring is provided by other students. Typically, students are referred by their instructors. The French and Spanish tutoring schedules change each semester and are based on the student-tutors' individual schedules.

Online Tutoring

Students can receive tutoring online through THINKINGSTORM. To access THINKINGSTORM on our website, go to abtech.edu/tc, then select "THINKINGSTORM (online tutoring)" to the left of the page. Click the THINKINGSTORM link to login. Your THINKINGSTORM login name is your A-B Tech e-mail address, and your password is your A-B Tech Password. Once you log in, you'll find information to begin receiving tutoring through THINKINGSTORM.

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in the Don C. Locke Library in room 125 on the Asheville Campus, can help you with planning, organizing, drafting, and revising papers and reports. The Writing Center can also help with resumés, scholarship letters, and other writing projects not associated with a specific class. It's a relaxed one-on-one session with an instructor or peer tutor.

Volunteer Tutors

If you are a student with the Department of Transitional Studies (sometimes referred to as the GED Office) or have a referral from our Support Services department, contact Patti Cameron at patriciascameron@abtech.edu, and she may be able to locate a volunteer tutor for you.  

Moodle/WebAdvisor Assistance

Moodle assistance can be found by going to abtech.edu/distance and clicking on the Moodle Help? link on the left or by contacting our IT HelpDesk at helpdesk@abtech.edu or (828) 398-7550.

Computer Labs

A-B Tech has a number of computer labs that students can use to work on class assignments. Some of the labs are supervised by a peer tutor who is also an A-B Tech student. Although peer tutors have had several computer courses and can help with basic computer-related questions, they may not be able to assist with specific class assignments or software problems.

Tutoring for High School Students

A-B Tech does not offer tutoring for students who are currently attending high school. The Literacy Council of Buncombe County provides tutoring in reading and language arts for high school students. For more information, contact the Literacy Council at (828) 254-3442 or literacybc@litcouncil.com, or go to litcouncil.com.


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