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  1. Sign Up for Text Alerts in WebAdvisor (for Employees) Sign Up for Text Alerts in WebAdvisor (Employees) Summary Instructions for signing up for emergency text message alerts in WebAdvisor Note: If you are a student, refer to our Student Instructions article. Instructions 1. To access WebA... Read More
  2. Manage Your Voicemail (for Employees) Manage Your Voicemail (for Employees) Overview: A quick-reference guide for employees using the Avaya phone systems To begin, follow these steps: Step1 7454 Dial the voicemail server Step 2 ... Read More
  3. Office Phone Features (for Employees) Office Phone Features (for Employees) Overview: How employees can transfer calls, manage Quick Message, and call a different line Transferring callers directly to voice mail (without ringing phone) Digital or IP phone with Transfer button: Ini... Read More
  4. Voice Mail Messages (for Employees) Voice Mail Messages (for Employees) Summary: How to manage voice mail messages Enter the Voice System From Office Phone with Message Button Press Message Button Enter passcode (if this is the first time you are entering the system, enter 9876... Read More
  5. Search for Class Availability   Search for Class Availability Summary How to search online to see what curriculum classes (for college credit) are currently available  Instructions 1. To access WebAdvisor, go to abtech.edu, scroll over "Onl... Read More
  6. Online Classes and Programs Online Classes and Programs Summary Information about classes and programs offered online at A-B Tech Overview A-B Tech offers several completely online programs and a large selection of individual online classes and services, both curriculum (fo... Read More
  7. Register for Classes Online   Register for Classes Online Summary Instructions for how to register for curriculum classes (for college credit) online through WebAdvisor  Instructions 1. To access WebAdvisor, go to abtech.edu, scroll over ... Read More
  8. Images - Intermediate Word Basic Insert Using Word – Step by Step Insert : Insert tab >> Illustrations group >> Pictures  Choose an image from file location Anchor : the point where the image is attached in Document Use text with image – c... Read More
  9. Learn To Touch Type Online For Free Learn To Touch-Type Online For Free Summary Free resources for learning touch-typing Overview Touch-typing is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys. A person possessing touch-typing skills will know their location on the keyboa... Read More
  10. How to Drop a Class Online How to Drop a Class Online Summary Instructions for how to drop a Curriculum class online in WebAdvisor Overview You may only drop a class through the first 10 percent point of the class. After the 10 percent point, you'll need to f... Read More
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