Drop a Class

Drop a Class


Procedures for how and when students can drop a class and receiving a refund

Overview of Dropping a Class

You may drop a class through the first 10 percent point of the class before the end of the "Drop Period." If you drop a class, it won't appear on your transcript. Full or partial refunds are available, depending on when in the "Drop Period" the class is dropped. Each class has its own drop and withdrawal deadlines, depending on the start and end dates of the class. After the deadline has passed, you will still be able to withdraw from a class.

How to Drop a Class

You can drop a class online in Self-Service (but keep in mind that you can't withdraw from classes in Self-Service). 

Career and College Promise (CCP) Students

Dual-enrolled high school students should contact their advisor for assistance dropping a course. Students can find their advisor's contact information at the link below.

Career and College Promise (CCP) Programs

Students can also call (828) 398-7900 or email ccp@abtech.edu to determine who their advisor is.

Refunds for Dropped Classes

You'll receive a 100 percent refund if you drop the class before the published start-date of the class (as listed in Self-Service). The start-date of the class is not necessarily the first day of class. For example, a Tuesday/Thursday class may have a start-date of Monday, August 24, but the first day of class would be Tuesday, August 25. To get a 100 percent refund, a student would need to drop the class before the August 24 published start-date.

A 75 percent refund will be made if you officially drop the class before the official 10 percent point of the term. Insurance, technology, and student activity fees are non-refundable for classes dropped after their start-date published in Self-Service. A 75 percent refund will be made for a class dropped on the beginning date through the 10 percent point of the class.

If you do not drop a class yourself in Self-Service but are dropped for non-attendance, you will not be eligible for a tuition refund. However, that class will not appear on your official transcript.


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