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How to Withdraw From a Class

How to Withdraw From a Class


Overview of the withdrawal process and how to withdraw

Withdrawal Overview

You can withdraw from a class after the drop period has passed, but before the "last day to withdraw." The deadlines for withdrawing are also listed in the Student Handbook. A grade of "W" will appear on your transcript. A withdrawal will not affect your GPA, but it will affect your overall completion rate, which could also affect your financial aid. Tuition refunds are not available when withdrawing.

How to Withdraw

To withdraw from a class, you'll need to do the following:

  • Fill out a Class Withdrawal Form, which you can print from the "Records and Registration Overview" page of our website. (You can find this page by using the "Search" function in the upper right corner of any page to search for "Records and Registration Overview.") You can also have the Class Withdrawal Form emailed to you by sending a request to info@abtech.edu, or you can pick up the form from the Information Desk in the Bailey Student Services Building.
  • If you're receiving veterans' benefits, you must have both the Veteran Services Coordinator and your instructor sign the Class Withdrawal Form. If you cannot contact your instructor, the Department Chair or the Division Dean for the class can sign the form. If you are taking an online class, ask the instructor to email veteranservices@abtech.edu with your last date of attendance. We cannot process your withdrawal until we receive the email, so have the instructor "CC" (copy) you on the email, and then you will know when it reaches the Veteran Services Coordinator.
  • If you're an F-1 or M-1 international student, you are strongly encouraged to meet with the International Student Advisor prior to withdrawing.
  • Submit the form to either the Information Desk at the Bailey Student Services Building or the Madison Site Office. This must be done in person. The person processing the form will give you a receipt confirming your withdrawal. You should keep this receipt for your records in case any disputes about your status arise in the future.

Online/Distance Students

Distance students and students taking only 100% online classes can withdraw from a class by working with our Registrar's Office. To do so, send an email to registrar@abtech.edu from your A-B Tech student email account, and indicate which class you want to withdraw from. If you're receiving veterans' benefits, your instructor will also need to email registrar@abtech.edu with your last date of attendance in the class.

Exceptions to Withdrawal Deadline

Exceptions such as serious illness or job transfer requiring withdrawal from all classes after the 75 percent point of the term will be considered on an individual basis by the Vice President for Student Services.

Late withdrawal due to a medical problem will require a letter from a doctor addressed to Aaron Richman, Registrar. Requests for an exception to the withdrawal deadline can be sent to Aaron Richman at registrar@abtech.edu.

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