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Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines

Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines


The deadlines to drop and withdraw from curriculum (for college credit) classes

Overview of Drop and Withdraw Procedures

The deadline to drop or withdraw from a class depends on the class's start-date and duration. You will receive a 100 percent refund if you drop the class before the start-date of the class (as it appears in Self-Service). See our Tuition Refunds article for important clarification.

Spring 2024

Class Length Class Start-Date Class End-Date

Last Day to Drop
(75% Refund Available)

Last Day to Withdraw
(No Refund Available)

16 Weeks 1/8 5/7 1/18 4/15
15 Weeks 1/16 5/7 1/25 4/15
14 Weeks 1/23 5/7 1/31 4/15
8 Weeks 1/8 3/4 1/11 2/19
8 Weeks 3/6 5/7 3/11 4/23
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