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  1. Cap, Gown, and Diploma   Cap, Gown, and Diploma     Summary: How to purchase a cap, gown, and diploma for graduation     The graduation fee is $35, which will cover your cap, gown, tassel, and diploma cover. You will pay this fee in the Campu... Read More
  2. Student Finance Self-Service Student Finance Self-Service Summary: Step-by-step instructions for looking up your account balance and transaction history in Student Finance Self-Service To view how much of your tuition charges are anticipated to be covered by your financial ai... Read More
  3. How to Format an MLA Paper in Word 2010 & 2013 & 2016 How to Format an MLA Paper in Word 2010 & 2013 Summary: How to format a paper to MLA Overview Margins should be 1” on all sides Font: Times New Roman 12 Pt Line Spacing: Double Paragraph Format: No space before or after, first... Read More
  4. How to Pay for Classes Online How to Pay for Classes Online Summary: Step-by-step instructions for paying for classes online through WebAdvisor To pay online for your classes, you may either set up a payment plan or pay in full. Payment plans can be set up by going to abtech.e... Read More
  5. View Financial Aid Status Online View Financial Aid Status Online Summary: Step-by-Step instructions for viewing financial aid status online in WebAdvisor To view the status of your financial aid, please log in to WebAdvisor, click "Curriculum Students," and then "F... Read More
  6. Manage Waitlist Manage Waitlist Summary: Step-by-step instructions for how to manage a waitlist in WebAdvisor 1. To access WebAdvisor, go to www.abtech.edu, scroll over "Online Services" at the top of the page, and select WebAdvisor f... Read More
  7. Search for Class Availability   Search for Class Availability Summary: How to search online to see what curriculum classes are currently available  To search for curriculum class availability and times, follow the steps below.   1. To access WebAdvi... Read More
  8. Career Coach Career Coach Summary:  Overview of Career Coach, where to find it online, and how to use it What is Career Coach? Career Coach is an online tool designed to help you find a good career. You can look up a career and find current local wag... Read More
  9. Entrance Counseling Entrance Counseling Summary: The steps for completing Entrance Counseling, which is required when applying for a loan Below are the steps for completing the Entrance Counseling and/or Financial Awareness Counseling online.   1. Go to www.stu... Read More
  10. Tuition Receipt Tuition Receipt Summary: How to obtain a tuition receipt You can view any past or present tuition charges and payments in Self-Service, which you can access through your WebAdvisor account. 1. After logging in to WebAdvisor, click on "Curric... Read More
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