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  1. Entrance Counseling Entrance Counseling Summary: The steps for completing Entrance Counseling, which is required when applying for a loan Below are the steps for completing the Entrance Counseling and/or Financial Awareness Counseling online.   1. Go to www.stu... Read More
  2. Student Loans   Student Loans   Summary: Overview of direct loans (student loans) and how to apply for 2017-18, which goes from fall 2017–summer 2018   For information about federal direct loans, go to abtech.edu/financial-aid. Click "Learn Mo... Read More
  3. Financial Aid for Summer Financial Aid for Summer  Summary: Overview of financial aid eligibility, application process, and disbursement dates for the summer semester Eligibility for Summer Aid Overview In general, if you take fewer than 12 credits in the previous ... Read More
  4. Personal and Academic Counseling   Personal and Academic Counseling     Summary:  An overview of the personal, academic, and career counseling available for students     A-B Tech provides free, confidential counseling and related services for stude... Read More
  5. Career Services (Counseling, Resume, Interviewing)   Career Services (Counseling, Resume, Interviewing)     Summary: Overview of the career counseling, resume writing, and interview preparation resources available for students and non-students     Overview   Career couns... Read More
  6. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Electric Vehicle Charging Station Summary:  An overview of the electric vehicle charging station located on A-B Tech's Asheville Campus A-B Tech has an electric vehicle charging station which allows public access. The station is in the pa... Read More
  7. Who Needs to Complete Placement Who Needs to Complete Placement Summary: Help with determining whether or not you need to take a placement test Overview Placement helps A-B Tech assess your readiness to take college-level classes, and it helps us determine what level of English... Read More
  8. Law Enforcement Academy   Law Enforcement Academy     Summary:  Courses and programs offered through our Law Enforcement Academy       Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Curriculum Certificate   We offer a Basic Law ... Read More
  9. Veterans’ Educational Benefits   Veterans' Educational Benefits     Summary: An overview of Veterans' Educational Benefits at A-B Tech     Our Veterans' Advisor is Sarah Mau, and she is available to help veterans process their requests for veterans' benefi... Read More
  10. Small Business Center Location and Facilities   Small Business Center Location and Facilities     Summary: Overview of the Small Business Center location and facilities     Location    Enka SiteSmall Business Center1465 Sand Hill Road, Suite 1060Candler, NC 28... Read More
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