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When to Register

When to Register


When students can register for classes

Returning Students

Through your student email account, you'll be notified of a date and time when you can begin registering for courses. This date and time is based on the total number of credits you've completed at A-B Tech. The date will be prior to the registration date for new students posted at abtech.edu/registration.

Priority Registration

Students with disabilities are offered priority registration, which is typically held the first week of regular registration. 

Priority registration is offered for the following reasons:

  1. Course locations can be selected for those with ambulatory difficulties.
  2. Classes with support labs (e.g. in Developmental Studies) can be selected.
  3. Students who require specialized transportation can receive workable schedules.
  4. Medication schedules can be considered.
  5. Sufficient lead time is provided to the Disability Support Services Office for the hiring of student assistants (e.g. interpreters, notetakers/scribes, and tutors).
  6. Student learning styles may be considered in course and instructor selection.

Regular Registration

Regular registration extends from the date posted at abtech.edu/registration. There is no single deadline to register for classes. As long as there are still open seats available, you can register for a class right up until it meets for the first time.

Payment Deadlines

The deadline to pay for classes will be posted at abtech.edu/payment. If you are dropped, you can try to re-register if seats are still available.

Late Registration

Refer to our Deadline to Register article for details about our registration deadline policy.


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