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  1. Developmental Courses and Financial Aid Developmental Courses and Financial Aid Summary: Financial aid available for developmental courses In most cases, developmental courses for math, reading, and English can be covered by financial aid. According to the Department of Education, eligi... Read More
  2. Auditing Courses Auditing Courses Summary: Guidelines for auditing courses at A-B Tech To audit a course, you must register through regular registration procedures and pay standard tuition and fees. Credit to Audit If you're taking a course for credit a... Read More
  3. Free Courses for Senior Citizens Free Courses for Senior Citizens Summary:  Information about free classes for senior citizens Effective July 1, 2017 senior citizens who are 65 or older are eligible to audit curriculum classes. Senior citizens are still responsible for any c... Read More
  4. Small Business Center Courses Small Business Center Courses Summary: Overview of the Small Business Center (SBC) and how to register for classes Overview The Small Business Center at A-B Tech is one of 58 Small Business Centers in North Carolina. These centers are dedicated to... Read More
  5. American Sign Language (ASL) Courses American Sign Language (ASL) Courses Summary: An overview of American Sign Language courses offered through A-B Tech Continuing Education Courses A-B Tech offers beginning American Sign Language courses through our Continuing Education... Read More
  6. Withdrawing From Courses and Financial Aid Withdrawing From Courses and Financial Aid Summary: How withdrawing from a class will affect financial aid Overview If you're receiving financial aid, you may want to contact the Financial Aid Office before you withdraw from a course to deter... Read More
  7. FOCUS 2 FOCUS 2 Summary: Overview of the FOCUS 2 career planning system, who must complete it, and how to log in Overview FOCUS 2 is a career and educational planning system, which is available online and can be completed at your own pace. It can help yo... Read More
  8. Attendance Policy Attendance Policy Summary:  Overview of College attendance policies  General Attendance Policy It is mandatory that the student attend at least once during the first 10 percent of the course. For online classes, a graded activi... Read More
  9. Help with Deciding on a Program of Study Help with Deciding on a Program of Study Summary: How to get help with deciding on what program of study (major) to select If you can't decide what program of study (major) to take at A-B Tech, there are a few different avenues for assistance.... Read More
  10. Select an Academic Program Online Select an Academic Program Online Summary: Step-by-step instructions for selecting an academic program (declaring a major) online through WebAdvisor 1. To access WebAdvisor, go to www.abtech.edu, scroll over "Online S... Read More
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