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Sign Up for Text Alerts in Self-Service

Sign Up for Text Alerts in Self-Service 


Instructions for students to sign up for emergency text message alerts in Self-Service


Employees and students will use the same workflow to opt-in for emergency alert messages. 

  1. Log in to Self Service. Select the menu icon at the top left, select "User Options" from the left navigation bar, and select "User Profile". 

    screen shot of self-service left menu
  2. Scroll down and select the " + Add New Phone" button to add your cell phone number which should receive the emergency alert messages to the list of phone numbers. Be sure to include the area code and double check the entry for accuracy.

    There are different phone types: Home, Cell Phone, Emergency Alert Messages. If your cell phone number is already included in the list of phone numbers with a different phone type (such as Home or Cell Phone), add it again so you can assign the "Emergency Alert Messages" phone type.

    It is okay to repeat the phone number in order to assign multiple phone types to it.

    screen shot of self-service user profile page

    screen shot of self-service user profile page to enter phone number

  3. If you later decide to use a different phone number to receive emergency alerts, edit the phone number by clicking the pencil and change the phone number as needed.
  4. If you later wish to opt-out of receiving emergency alerts, click the small ‘x’ at the end of the Emergency Alert Message line. This will remove the phone number and phone type.
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