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Student Finance Self-Service

Student Finance Self-Service


Step-by-step instructions for looking up your account balance and transaction history in Student Finance Self-Service

Financial Aid and Tuition Charges

If you already have a financial aid award, you can view how much of your tuition charges are anticipated to be covered by your financial aid by logging in to your WebAdvisor account, clicking "Curriculum Students," and then "View Account and Make Payments-Self-Service." Detailed instructions are available below.

Detailed Instructions

1. Log in to WebAdvisor and click "Curriculum Students."

2. Click “View Account and Make Payments-Self-Service” under the “Student Financial Info” heading.

Curriculum Students Menu in WebAdvisor

3. A new tab or window will open with the Student Finance Self-Service homepage. Click on the red hyperlink for the semester you wish to view. 

Account Summary page in Self-Service

4. If the balance circle amount has a minus (-) sign, that is a tentative estimate of what will be refunded to you by the end of the semester. Any changes to your enrollment status can change your financial aid, and many students receive refunds in multiple disbursements at different points in the semester.

Circles with a snatshot of charges, financial aid, and balance

5. Under the balance circle, click on the headings for more information about "Charges," "Financial Aid," "Payments," and "Refunds" (if applicable).

Financial Aid that is anticipated or has been applied to current charges

If you do not see a heading for "Financial Aid" or if you would like to view your financial aid award letter, log in to WebAdvisor, click on the home icon in the upper-left corner of Self-Service and then click on the tile that says, "Financial Aid." For more information about checking the status of your financial aid, refer to "Financial Aid Self-Service."


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