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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements


General graduation requirements and application for program completion

Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Programs

A-B Tech awards degrees, diplomas, and certificates when all requirements for graduation have been satisfied. At least 25 percent of the credit hours in a program must have been earned at A-B Tech.

Technical courses (technology/computer-related) will "time out" after five years and must be repeated in order to graduate. This is because of rapid changes in workplace technologies. Exceptions must be approved by the Department Chairperson. If you have concerns about any courses timing out, check with your program advisor.

Graduation Requirements and Application

To apply for graduation from a degree or diploma program, go to abtech.edu/graduation. If you click the link "Graduation Requirements," you will see the requirements for graduation readiness. You can turn in the completed application to the Information Desk in the Bailey Building (#5 on our campus map) or scan it to send as an email attachment to registrar@abtech.edu. Please keep in mind that the form must be signed by your program advisor.

The College holds a graduation ceremony in May each year to confer degrees and diplomas.


For instructions to apply for a certificate, visit the "Records and Registration Overview" webpage.

Students who have earned a certificate will be invited to a separate Certificate Awards Ceremony. Those who do not attend the ceremony will be able to pick up their certificates at the Information Desk in the Bailey Building after the ceremony.


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