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Placement Testing (Overview)

Placement Testing (Overview)
Summary: An overview of placement testing requirements, waiving a placement test, placement test preparation, and re-testing  
Placement Testing
The purpose of placement testing is to be sure you’re ready for the curriculum. If you’re applying for any degree or diploma program, you are required to take the NC-DAP/Accuplacer test. If you are unclassified (not wanting to enroll in a program), you will need to take the placement test if you want to take a math, English, or reading course or any course for which math or English are prerequisites.
The NC-DAP/Accuplacer test is NOT a timed test. It typically takes around two hours to complete the entire test.
Waive Placement Testing
We do accept scores from alternate placement testsYou can waive placement testing if you submit acceptable SAT, ACT, Asset, or Compass test scores earned within the last five years. A-B Tech does not administer or facilitate any SAT or ACT testing on campus.
Transfer credit will also be accepted instead of placement testing. You must submit an official transcript.
Test Preparation
It’s important to prepare before taking the placement test. A study guide is available at www.abtech.edu/placement. The sample questions are helpful in understanding test formats.
Register and Test
You can register online for the placement test at www.abtech.edu/placement. Click on "Schedule Placement Testing," and select "NC-DAP/Accuplacer" from the "Select Test" option on the left side of the screen. Testing is available both day and evening hours. 
You must present a picture ID to take the test.  Calculators and personal electronic equipment are not permitted in the Testing Center. (A calculator does pop up on the screen for those portions of the test that allow it.) 
An academic advisor will give you the results immediately after the test. Based on placement scores, you’ll be placed directly into college English and math or into one of the developmental studies courses that will prepare you for your chosen field of study. You will be required to take the courses you’re placed into.
Other Testing Locations
Placement testing is available at A-B Tech’s Madison Site and South Site. You must contact the site directly to schedule.
Cancel a Placement Test
To cancel a placement test, follow the link in the confirmation email that you received after registering for the placement test. You can also cancel a placement test by calling us at (828) 398-7900. 
View Placement Test Scores
You can view your placement test scores in WebAdvisor. After logging in, go to "Curriculum Students" then "Test Summary" under "Curriculum Academic Profile."
You can also view NC-DAP/Accuplacer scores immediately after taking the test. You’ll need to see an advisor in the Bailey Student Services Building, who will review your scores with you.
Adult Basic Education Placement
If you place into Adult Basic Education reading, you must complete that before you can enroll in college courses. If you test into both Adult Basic Education language and math, you must also complete that before enrolling in college courses. If you place into Adult Basic Education math only or Adult Basic Education language only, you will be allowed to take Developmental Studies and/or curriculum classes with approval of your academic advisor.
Re-Testing Procedure
Students who have already taken the placement test and would like to take it again are allowed to re-take it once in a five-year period. The second placement test attempt must be at least two weeks after the first attempt. The exceptions are:
  • If you’re applying for a Competitive Allied Health program, you may take the test once each year during the competition period.
  • If you tested in high school, you may test again when applying to the college.
  • If you have approval by the chair of Developmental Studies, director of Student Advising and Support Services, or vice president of Student Services, you may retake the test.
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