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NC Student ID Number on Application

NC Student ID Number on Application


Information about the NC Student ID field on the A-B Tech general admissions application

The general admissions application includes a field for a "NC Student ID" number. This field is optional; you do not need to complete this section in order to submit your application. (If you don’t complete it, please be sure the field is completely blank and you have backspaced completely. Even a “space” keyed in the field can prevent you from going forward with the application.)

Next to "NC Student ID" on the application are two red "wedge" symbols (^^). Unlike the red asterisk (*), the "wedge" symbols point you to the note below this section, which explains what the NC Student ID is and indicates that it’s optional. As the note says, providing this number will allow A-B Tech to get your high school transcript electronically. Keep in mind that most of our programs do not require a high school transcript.

Your NC Student ID Number can be found on your high school report card. If you don’t have access to a report card and would like to obtain your NC Student ID Number, you may contact your high school or county school district.


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