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Overview of the FOCUS 2 career planning system, who must complete it, and how to log in


FOCUS 2 is a career and educational planning system, which is available online and can be completed at your own pace. It can help you with exploring careers, selecting a major, and planning your education. FOCUS 2 is available to all curriculum students, as well as faculty and staff.

Logging in to FOCUS 2

You can learn about FOCUS 2, access your workbook, and log in to FOCUS 2 on our website at abtech.edu/focus2.

The following steps must be completed before students are able to log in to FOCUS 2:

  • Apply to A-B Tech as a curriculum student. Please note that dual-enrolled and Middle College students are not eligible to access FOCUS 2 at this time.
  • Complete placement test(s) and/or submit official transcripts from your previous school(s). Placement test scores or transfer credits for college-level math and English must be posted on your A-B Tech student record (which you can view in your WebAdvisor account) . If you need to take any developmental math or English classes (DMAs and DREs), these courses must be completed before you will be able to log in to FOCUS 2.
  • Complete New Student Orientation.

Your username will be your full A-B Tech student email address, including the "@students.abtech.edu" portion. Your password will be your A-B Tech student ID number. If your ID number begins with "0" or "00," leave out the leading zeros when entering your ID number as your FOCUS 2 password (for example, "0012345" should be entered as "12345").

Login Difficulties

Please be aware that it can take several days for the FOCUS 2 system to update after you have completed the above steps, so you may not be able to log in to FOCUS 2 right away. If you continue to have trouble logging in,  email careerservices@abtech.edu for assistance.

Selective Allied Health Applicants

If you are interested in applying for a Selective Allied Health program, you must complete FOCUS 2 before meeting with an academic advisor. This is a required step in the application process. Although the average time for completing the entire assessment is only 45 minutes, modules can be completed one at a time, and FOCUS 2 will save all results.

G.O.T. Students

All other G.O.T. (General Occupational Technology) students must complete FOCUS 2 and attend a group session before registration for the next semester. Group sessions will be posted online.


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