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How to Use Google Drive

How to Access Google Drive


Step by step instructions on using Google Drive


With your student Gmail address (yourname@students.abtech.edu), you get 30 GB of storage on google drive. Regular Gmail accounts get 15 GB of storage. You can save, organize, share, and access your files from any computer.

Google Drive Support

Accessing Google Drive

  1. Login to your student email and click the Google App button (the small sectioned rectangle), indicated with a red circle around it.
  2. This will open a small window showing the Google Apps icons. Click on “Drive.” (Indicated by a red arrow)

Please note that your icons layout might look different.

Figure 1. Google Apps button and drop down window with apps icon. The Google Apps button (also called a waffle menu) is indicated by a red circle around it and the Google Drive icon is indicated by a large red arrow.

Google Apps waffle menu

Create Folders in Google Drive

In your google drive, you can create folders and upload files and folders.

We recommend that you create a folder for each of your classes and name the folder accordingly, for example ENG‑111. Then save all your documents related to ENG-111 in that folder.

Figure 2. The Google Drive Menu with a call-out indicating the Create Folder button and a call-out indicating the Upload button.

 Create and upload buttons

Place Files in Folders

This is an example of how a google drive might look like. Click on one of the folders; ENG-111 folder is selected in this example. Drag and drop your files to the name of the folder.

Figure 3. Google Drive menu with a call-out indicating the ENG-111 folder selected and a call-out indicating where to drag and drop files to be added to the folder.

 Screenshot of folders

Or, use the upload files and folders arrow shown in step 2.

Download from Google Drive

To print, edit, or submit your file to Moodle, you must first download your file from Google Drive. Double click on the file name to preview it.

Figure 4. The Google Drive showing the contents of the selected ENG-111 folder. A call-out indicates the file name of a document inside the ENG-111 folder.

 File name sample


In the preview screen, click on the download icon. This will allow you to open your file using the appropriate application (Word or Open Office in this example).

Figure 5. Google Drive menu bar with a call-out indicating the download  icon.

 Download icon


  • Open your file using the suggested application or choose another appropriate application.

In this example we use Microsoft Word.

Then Click "OK."

Figure 6. The Opening dialog box indicating that the selected document (Critical Analysis.docx) will be opened
 with Microsoft Word, and with a call-out indicating the OK button.

 Dialog box to open or save a file


Remember! If you edit your file, you must upload (drag and drop) it again to your Google drive in order to save the changes.


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