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Credit by Examination

Credit by Examination


Guidelines for obtaining Credit by Examination at A-B Tech


Students who can provide tangible evidence of preparation to challenge a course, such as a transcript of similar college-level credits, record of military study, certification or license, standardized test scores or written statements from employers regarding training or directly related work experience indicating that they may be proficient in a subject, may request credit by examination.


A written request must be made to the appropriate department chairperson on a form obtained from the Office Records & Registration. This test must be administered immediately after the 10 percentage point of the class in the semester. Examinations are comprehensive and must be approved by the supervisor of the instructor administering the exam. The examination may be oral, performance, written, or a combination of these methods.

To receive credit by examination, the score must be above average (“A” or “B”). A grade of “A” or “B” will be posted on the transcript of the student who successfully completes the examination. The decision of the examining instructor is final. No student may request a second test for Credit by Examination in the same course or request Credit by Examination in a course after receiving any recorded grade for that course. Exceptions must be approved by the Vice President of Instructional Services.


  1. Enroll as a credit student in the course to be challenged and pay tuition. There is no extra charge for full-time students who are taking at least 16 credit hours of non self-supporting coursework.
  2. Present evidence of proficiency, complete the written request form, and have the request approved prior to the 10 percent point of the semester (or 10 percent of the minimester session).
  3. Remain enrolled and attend class until the examination is administered. During this period, students who have written approval for the exam may attend class without purchasing textbooks and materials. If books are purchased and returned for refund, they must be in new condition.
  4. Students who are very confident of passing the exam may request a course overload.
  5. Students who perform on the exam at a level sufficient to get credit may leave the course and will be awarded a grade of “A” or “B” for the course. Receiving credit does not entitle the student to a tuition refund. Students who do not achieve an “A” or “B” on the proficiency exam are encouraged to remain in the class as a regular student.
  6. Students who receive financial assistance of any type are required to inform the director of their assistance program that they are seeking credit by exam. Assistance may be reduced and reimbursement will be required if the course load is reduced by receiving credit by examination.

Any exceptions to these procedures must have prior written approval by the appropriate Department Chairperson, Division Dean, and the Vice President of Instructional Services.

For more information about Credit by Examination, contact our Registrar's Office at registrar@abtech.edu.


Please note that Credit by Examination is a separate process from the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test for college credit. For more information about CLEP testing, please go to the CLEP Exam and Credit article.


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