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Fax For Free Online

Send a Fax for Free


Step-by-step instructions for using free fax services available for the A-B Tech community.


There are two free fax services available for AB-Tech students, faculty, and staff:  MyFax and SRFax.


To send a free fax from any computer, go to myfax.com/free.

my fax screenshot

1. Fill out the information in the To fields.

2. Fill out the information in the From fields

3. Attach your document, or type a text message (or both).

(If you need assistance to scan a document for faxing, please see the Helpdesk Associate)

4. Click the SEND FAX button.

5. Check your e-mail:  MyFax will send you an email. You must respond to confirm that you want the FAX sent.

6. MyFax will send a second email letting you know if the fax was sent successfully or not.

Note: You are limited to 2 free faxes per 24 hour period.


To send a free fax from any computer, go to srfax.com/srf/SendFreeFax.php

SR Fax screenshot

1. Fill out the information in the Sender’s Information fields (the first column.)

2. Fill out the information in the Recipient’s Information fields(the middle column.)

3. Type a text message and/or attach a file to the fax in the Fax Cover Page Text fields (the third column.)

4. Enter the security code (the left bottom corner.)

5. Click Send This Fax button.


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