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Finding Books In the Book Store by Class Number

Finding Books In the Book Store by Class Number

Accessing the A-B Tech Book Store

1. Begin by navigating to the AB Tech website homepage at www.abtech.edu.

2. At the top of the page hover over the “Directory” tab and select “College Services” to go to www.abtech.edu/directory/college-services-and-offices

3. Scroll down the list of “Student Services” until you see “Books”. Click on “Books” and you well be taken to www.bkstr.com/ashevillebuncombeccstore/home

4. Click on the box that says "START HERE" to be taken to www.bkstr.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/ashevillebuncombeccstore/textbooks-and-course-materials


5. Select your Term, Course, and Section Number from the dropdown lists and click "Submit". Note, Fall 2017 ACA-115 is simply used as an example in this case.

6. You should now be shown any books registered to your selected course. If you would like the search for another course click on “Select another course” to be taken back to the previous page to select your course.


If your selected course does not have any books assigned to it you will be given the message “No Books Required For This Course”

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