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Emergency Medical Science (EMS) Programs

Emergency Medical Science (EMS) Programs


Overview of the Emergency Medical Science (EMS) programs and the admissions procedures


We offer both Curriculum and Continuing Education EMS programs. Curriculum programs are for college credit and in the format of more traditional college degree programs. Continuing Education programs are not for college credit and are generally shorter in length. Many EMS classes are offered at A-B Tech Woodfin.

EMS Continuing Education Classes

We offer non-credit, Continuing Education EMS classes that can help you further your education in EMS or re-certify for Buncombe, Madison, and Yancey Counties. The Continuing Education EMS program provides the following training courses: EMS paramedic program, EMT and EMT-1, and CPR and other healthcare classes. 

To view a list of scheduled classes, go to abtech.edu, select "Continuing Education," then "Emergency Services," then "Emergency Medical Service CE Training." The Continuing Education EMS course offerings will be listed here.

For questions about registering for Continuing Education EMS classes, call (828) 398-7903.

For more information about Continuing Education EMS classes, contact Keith Owens at (828) 782-2352 or richardkowens@abtech.edu, or Kathy Pfluger at (828) 782-2020 or kathleenlpfluger@abtech.edu.

EMS A.A.S. Curriculum Program

The EMS A.A.S. is a two-year, five-semester program that's designed to prepare graduates to enter the workforce as paramedics. The program focuses on basic and advanced life support knowledge and skills.

This is a limited admissions program that's filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. We begin taking applicants on the first working day in April in the Bailey Student Services Building, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

In order to apply for this program, you'll need to have completed a general application to the College and the NC-DAP/Accuplacer placement test. If you've already taken college courses to substitute for the placement test, you can provide an official transcript.

For more information about the program and requirements for admission, go to abtech.edu/academic-programs and click on "Emergency Medical Science A.A.S." The TEAS exam is no longer required for entry into this program.

For more information about this program, contact Keith Owens at (828) 782-2352 or richardkowens@abtech.edu.

EMS Bridge Curriculum Program

The EMS Bridge is a one-year, three-semester program that's designed to allow currently-certified, non-degree paramedics to earn an associate's degree in EMS. 

For more information about the Bridge Program, go to abtech.edu/academic-programs and then "Emergency Medical Science Bridge Program."

For more information about this program, contact Keith Owens at (828) 782-2352 or richardkowens@abtech.edu.

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