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Online Classes and Programs

Online Classes and Programs


Information about classes and programs offered online at A-B Tech


A-B Tech offers several completely online programs and a large selection of individual online classes and services, both curriculum (for college credit) and Continuing Education (not for college credit). You can view a full list of our online services by going to abtech.edu/student-handbook and clicking "Student Services for Distance Learners" on the left side of the page.

Online Academic Degree Programs

We now offer several programs in a completely online format.

Associate's Degrees


For information about whether most of the classes in a specific program can be taken online, please call us at (828) 398-7900. We'll connect you with a representative from your specific program of interest, who will be in the best position to give you information about whether the required classes for the program are usually offered online.

Online Curriculum Classes

The way a specific class is offered can vary by semester, and it can be difficult to say ahead of time which classes will be offered online, since course schedules depend on a number of changing factors. You can view what online curriculum classes are being offered for the current (and sometimes upcoming) semester in WebAdvisor.

You can view currently online curriculum class offerings in WebAdvisor.

  • To access WebAdvisor, go to abtech.edu, scroll over "Online Services" at the top of the page, and select WebAdvisor from the drop-down list.
  • Click "Search for Sections" at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the term you want to look up, select the check-box to the right of "Online," then click "Submit." (You do not need to make any additional selections on this page before clicking "Submit.")

 This will give you a full list of the online curriculum courses we're offering during the term you selected.

Curriculum Search for Sections web form 

IMPORTANT NOTE: According to federal law, only students residing in certain states may enroll in distance education (online) curriculum classes. Refer to abtech.edu/distance for more information.

Online Continuing Education Classes

A-B Tech partners with Ed2Go to offer online Continuing Education classes. These high quality, instructor-led courses begin monthly and can be accessed from any computer.

You can see what class options are available at ed2go.com/abtech. If you have questions about online Community Enrichment courses, contact Jo Stahle, at (828) 398-7369 or ellenjstahle@abtech.edu. With questions about Workforce/Occupational Training online programs, contact Rachael Clark at (828) 398-7933 or rachaellclark@abtech.edu.


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