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Withdrawing From Courses and Financial Aid

Withdrawing From Courses and Financial Aid
Summary: How withdrawing from a class will affect financial aid
If you’re receiving financial aid, you may want to contact the Financial Aid Office before you withdraw from a course to determine what effect withdrawing from the course will have on your financial aid eligibility in the future. A withdrawal will affect your overall completion rate, which is a factor in determining your Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid. If you have completed 1-29 credits, your cumulative completion rate must be at least 50%. If you have completed 30 or more credits, your cumulative completion rate must be at least 67%.
In some cases, you may have to repay financial aid if you withdraw from all your classes before the 60 percent of the semester. For more information about repaying financial aid funds, visit the Financial Aid Office in the Bailey Student Services Building. Keep in mind the Financial Aid Office will not be able to determine how much financial aid money you’ll need to repay, or if you’ll need to repay financial aid funds, until after the semester has finished and Federal calculations are performed.  
How to Withdraw
When withdrawing from a course, you’ll need to fill out a Withdrawal Form, which you can print from the "Student Records Overview" page of our website. (You can find this page by using the "Search" function in the upper right corner of any page to search for "Student Records Overview.") You can also have the Withdrawal Form emailed to you by sending a request to info@abtech.edu, or you can pick up the form from the Information Desk in the Bailey Student Services Building. 
If you receive financial aid, you are required to have your instructor sign the Withdrawal Form, indicating the last date you participated in the class.
If you’re unable to get your instructor to sign the form, your instructor can email registrar@abtech.edu verifying your last day of participation in the class. The Records and Registration Office must receive the email from your instructor confirming your last date of attendance before your withdrawal can be processed. It’s always a good idea to ask your instructor to copy you on the email so you will know when it has been sent, particularly when requesting the email close to the last day to withdraw.
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