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Course Prerequisites/Corequisites

Course Prerequisites/Corequisites


How to determine what prerequisites or corequisites are required for a course, and how to register


Prerequisites are required courses that must be completed prior to taking a course. Corequisites are required courses that must be taken at the same time as another course.

View Prerequisites and Corequisites

There are four ways to check what prerequisites or corequisites are required for a course:

  1. Self-Service - When searching for courses in Self-Service, prerequisite and corequisite courses are listed as "Requisites" with a note indicating if the requisite must be taken prior or at the same time as the course.
  2. Catalog - The College Catalog for the current year can be found at abtech.edu/catalog.
  3. Advisor - One reason we require you to meet with an advisor to get a Plan for every semester is so that the advisor can help you choose the appropriate courses. As part of their task in the advising session, they will ensure you have the appropriate prerequisites/corequisites for a course.

Registering for Courses with Prerequisites or Corequisites

Course prerequisites or corequisites can change periodically. Self-Service will prevent you from registering if you don't have the required prerequisites or corequisites.

In some cases, you may want to register for a course and its prerequisite during the same semester using minimester courses. Self-Service will permit you to register for both courses, but you must register for the prerequisite course first or you will receive an error message.

Corequisite courses can be completely separate courses, but most often they are lab sections that support the primary courses. Usually the primary course lists a specific lab section that must be taken with the course, and the meeting times for that section should be considered when planning your schedule. When registering in Self-Service for a course with a required lab, register for the primary course first and then the corequisite lab section, or you may receive an error message. If you register for the primary course, and the corequisite lab section appears to have a waitlist, add yourself to the waitlist. When the term begins, you will be admitted to the lab section regardless of your waitlist status.


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