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Consult With an Advisor

Consult With an Advisor


The different types of advisors and how to consult with an advisor

Types of Advisors

There are four main types of advisors:

  • College Entry Advisors can assist new students with enrolling at A-B Tech as well as returning students seeking to change majors. They also speak with students seeking prerequisite overrides, general advice about what classes to take, etc.
  • Pre-Limited/Pre-Selective Advisors (also referred to as GOT Advisors) provide assistance to students in the GOT Program and students interested in applying to Selective Allied Health Programs or Limited Programs.
  • Transfer Advisors are available to assist students who are seeking to transfer from A-B Tech to another school, including students in the Associate in Arts (A.A.)Associate in Science (A.S.), Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.), and Associate in Engineering (A.E.). Students who wish to begin a Transfer Program should meet with a College Entry Advisor in the Bailey Building to be placed in the program and learn their next steps.
  • Program/Faculty Advisors assist students who are enrolled in specific academic programs, most commonly with setting up Plans. Most students enrolled in a program of study have been assigned a specific program/faculty advisor. You can find your assigned by visiting abtech.edu/myadvisor or you can contact us at (828) 398-7900 or info@abtech.edu to find out who your program/faculty advisor is.

Consulting With an Advisor

College Entry and Transfer Advisors meet with students both by appointment and on a walk-in basis. They are available for walk-ins in the Bailey Building (#5 on our campus map), located at the main Asheville campus on Monday–Thursday from 9:00 a.m.–6:45 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m.–4:45 p.m. Sign in under the "First Stop" sign in the lobby of the Bailey Building.

If you are a new student or a current student wishing to change your academic program, you can schedule an appointment with the College Entry Advisor by emailing generaladvising@abtech.edu. You can schedule an appointment with a Pre-Limited/Pre-Selective Advisor by emailing gotadvising@abtech.edu. Keep in mind that there are times of the year when Pre-Limited/Pre-Selective Advisors only see students on a walk-in basis.

To consult with your faculty/program advisor, you should contact the advisor directly by phone or email. You can find your advisor's contact information in our online Employee Directory at abtech.edu/myadvisor. You may also call (828) 398-7900 or email info@abtech.edu for help finding your advisor's contact information. 

Distance Advising

  • A-B Tech has a Distance Advisor who is available to assist new students who are not yet in a program, do not live in the Asheville area, and are therefore not able to visit our campus to meet with an advisor. Our Distance Advisor can be reached at distanceadvising@abtech.edu.
  • Generally speaking, distance students who have been assigned a program/faculty advisor should contact their program advisor by phone or email for advising assistance.
  • Pre-Limited/Pre-Selective students should contact a GOT Advisor by email at gotadvising@abtech.edu.
  • Transfer students should contact a Transfer Advisor.

Personal Counseling

A-B Tech also offers personal counseling. If you would like to schedule an appointment, stop by the Information Desk in the Bailey Building or call (828) 398-7900.


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